"Asteroids" game

Well, it's not really an exercise. Rather it's a lesson whose purpose is to revise your knowledge of 12 verb tenses.

The interesting feature of these simple sentences is that they appear all together in a one place, and by reading aloud each of these questions, every verb tense is used! Thus, this quiz is an excellent review of all the verb tenses.

Please, post your opinion and own examples below.



  • Your spaceship has 5 lives left (Present Simple)
  • You're playing a game called "Asteroids" (Present Continuous)
  • You've been playing this game for 50 seconds(Present Perfect Continuous)
  • You've destroyed 4 asteroids (Present Perfect)


  • I made this game about 3 days ago (Past Simple)
  • I had been thinking about creating this game for several weeks (Past Perfect Continuous)
  • Before I started making this game, I had refreshed my knowledge about trigonometry (Past Perfect)
  • At this time yesterday, I was working hard to finish "Asteroids" (Past Continuous)
    Note: his sentence is static (as opposed to the Present Perfect Continuous sentence)


  • You will probably stop playing this game because it's a bit boring (Future Simple)
  • By the end of April, I will have added more games of this type (Future Perfect)
  • Will you still be playing this game in 10 minutes? (Future Continuous)
  • I will have been trying to come up with a good Future Perfect Continuous sentence for an hour soon (Future Perfect Continuous)