First Conditional or Second Conditional Quiz

1 John doesn't do much sport. If he ________ (do) more sport, he _____ (be) much thinner.
2 Look at those clouds. If it ______ (rain), we ______ (get) wet
3 The bus is late. If it ________  (not arrive) soon,
we___________ (get) a taxi.
4 My sister is very clever. If I ________ (work)  harder, I _____ (be) as clever as my sister.
5  I'm really tired. If I ______ (not be) tired, I ____ (come) over.
6 Susan usually does the cooking at home. If she ____________ (cook) tonight, we ___________ (have) borsht.
7  It's only a short journey. If we ________ (get) there before lunchtime, we____________ (have) time to go shopping.
8 Do you want my advice? If I ___________ (be) you, I __________
(find) a new girlfriend.