"Will" vs "going to" exercise

If you have read the article here, you know that "will" and "going to" form are not exactly the same. The difference between them is that "will" is used to express (spontaneous) decisions, while "going to" -- intentions.

(Still confused? There is some nice discussion below in the comments area.)

Complete the conversations below using the verbs in the brackets. Good luck!

1 What ___________ (do) in the summer holidays?
2 I ___________ (pass) my driving test at last.
3 Oh, that's cool. I think __________ (go) to Germany to visit my grandparents.
4 How long _________ (stay) there?

Oh, I'm not sure. __________ (take, probably) at least a week. I _______ (visit, also) my uncle who lives nearby.

6 And what __________(you, now, do)?
7 ______________ (have, I) lunch in 30 minutes.