Reported Speech

In the English language reported speech affects the sequence of tenses, if the main clause is in the past ("I said", "She asked"). It applies to some of the tenses.

Original tense Reported tense Example
Present Simple Past Simple "I work here" - He said he worked there
Present Continuous Past Continuous "She is dancing" - He said he was dancing
Present Perfect Past Perfect "I have never been to Alaska" - He said he had never been to Alaska
Present Perfect Continuous Past Perfect Continuous "Jane has been driving for 8 hours" - He said that Jane had been driving for 8 hours
Past Continuous Past Perfect Continuous "I was singing" - He said that he had been singing
Past Simple Past Perfect "I saw you in the mall" - She said that she had seen him in the mall
will would "You will thank me" - She said that he would thank her

Changes in time and place words

Original word Reported word Example
here there "I work here" - He said he worked there
this that "What are you doing this weekend?" - He asked what she was doing that weekend
now then "He's praying now" - She said he was praying then
yesterday the day before "I saw you yesterday" - He said that he had seen him the day before
tomorrow the day before "I will repair my bike tomorrow" - He said that he would repair her bike the day after
last week the week before  
next week the week after  
ago before "I was born 30 years ago" - He said that he had been born 30 years before