Past tenses advanced test

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(walk) for hours when she suddenly noticed that the sun
(sink) in the sky. She
(lose) track of time because she
(think) about the most important decision she'd ever had to make in her life.

(not be) the same between Julie and her fiance, David, since he accepted a job in Paris. They
(know) each other for almost five years, and in that time, they had never argued much. Lately, though, their relationship
(become) stormy. They
(seem) to be finding fault with each other and disagreeing about everything. For the first time, she
(start) to wonder if she
(be) ready for marriage. And with the wedding only twenty days away, she
(need) to make up her mind soon.

Everything in Julie's life
(go) well until her world fell apart just a month before. A large company
(offer) David an important position that would require him to move to France. As his wife, Julie would have to go, too. Why hadn't he discussed his decision with her?

Although Julie
(always want) to live abroad she felt very confused. Was she ready to move halfway across the world, leaving behind her friends and family and the only home she had ever known? If the answer was no,
(she be) ready to say goodbye to the only man she
(ever love)?